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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Su-Tei (Charleston, WV)

Overall                          * * * * *
Flavor                           * * * * *
Uniqueness                   * * * * *
Price                             $$ ($20 per person)
Comfort/Convenience  * * * * -  (only for being out of downtown)

Su-Tei is located in the Kanawha City part of Charleston, about five minutes outside of downtown.  The building used to be a Blockbuster and WOW has it changed!  If you peak inside from the parking lot you might actually wonder where you've gotten off to.  There's a lit fountain in the center with bamboo and a samurai suit, curved white leather booths, and a general air of a very nice classy restaurant.

Despite the looks, they aren't pretentious and no one gives you a look if you come in with jeans and a t-shirt.  It's a great place to dress up for, but you definitely don't have to.

The menu is eclectic Asian fusion and very very well done.  No place I've ever been, in Charleston or out, has ever prepared duck so finely.  The skin is perfectly crisp, the fat melted away, and the flesh underneath tender and juicy...The sushi menu has several options unique to their location, my favorite of which is the Kimono Roll, and all are fresh and delicious.  Easily the best sushi place in town currently both for price and flavor.

For drinks they have both traditional options (wine, beer, and traditional mixed) and an excellent selection created by their own bartender.  Each of the new drinks I've tried has been a delight to the taste buds, but I have to say I've got a soft spot for the ginger drinks as they infuse their own vodka on site.

Perfect night's menu?  Thom Kha Shrimp (soup), house salad, Kimono Roll, Fried Dumplings, and Spicy Duck.  Stuffed to the gills, but it's all so good!

Don't forget to ask for waiter Ben.  He knows the menu inside out and can make some great recommendations as well as providing top notch service.

Su-Tei (website has volume)

5711 Maccorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV
Monday-Thursday 11a-830p, Friday 11-1030, Saturday 12-1030, Sunday 12-930

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